Agenda 2019

Pathology Horizons 2019

Day 1 – Thursday, 8th August 2019

18.00Registration. Opening of Conference & Welcome Reception

Day 2 – Friday, 9th August 2019

09:00 – Dr. Hugh Cormican – CEO, Cirdan                                                            Welcome & Conference Introduction

09:15 – Dr. Ulysses G. J. Balis, University of Michigan, USA
Title: “Empowering Pathologists to Directly Interrogate Digital Histology Subject Matter with Open Source – Introducing the VIPER Studio Histology Machine Learning Platform as an Exemplar”

09:45 – Dr. Niamh Buckley, Queen’s University Belfast, N.Ireland        Title: Where We Are and Where We Are Going – The Winding Road of Cancer Immunotherapy Biomarkers”

10:15 – Q&A

10.25 – Coffee Break

10:45 – Dr. Darragh McArt, Sonrai Analytics, N. Ireland
Title: “Data Integration Driving Analytics for Modern Day Healthcare”

11.15– Dr. Louise Harewood, Precision Medicine Centre, N. Ireland
Title: “Cancer Genomics: A Precision Medicine Centre Perspective”

11:45 – Grahame Grieve, Health Intersections Pty Ltd, Australia        Title: “FHIR: Transforming the Pathology Business Relationship”   

12:15 – Q&A

12.25 – Lunch

13:30 – Dr. Jonathan Liu, University of Washington, USA
Title: “Non-destructive 3D Pathology with Open-top Light-sheet Microscopy for Precision Medicine”

14:00 – Prof. Peter Hamilton, Philips, N. Ireland                      Title: “Integrated Computational Pathology: Making Workflow Seamless”

14:30 – Q&A

14:40 – Coffee Break

15:00 – Prof. Stephen Fox, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia.                                                                                                                                    Title: “Using ctDNA for Precision Cancer Medicine: Is this the Future?”

15:30 – Dr. Anant Madabhushi, Case Western Reserve University, USA.                                                                                                                                              Title: Artificial Intelligence and Computational Pathology: Implications for Precision Medicine

16:00 – Q&A

16.15 – Close

18.30 – Conference Dinner

Day 3 – Saturday, 10th August

09.30 – Mark Inglis ‘Unlimited’, New Zealand                                         Title: The Accidental Opportunity’ Where Innovation meets Necessity

10.30 – Coffee Break

10:50 – Dr. Glenn Edwards, Eastern Health, Australia
Title:The Value – and Future – of Public Pathology”

11.20 – Dr. Sanmarié Schlebusch, University of Queensland, Australia
Title: “Clinical Metagenomics – Are We There Yet?”

11.50 – Prof. Richard Levenson, UC Davis, USA
Title: “Path, Present & Future. Novel Microscopies, Novel Insights”                  

12:20 – Q&A

12:35 – Conference Close

12:45 – 13:45 –  Lunch

15:15 – Conference Activity – TSS Earnslaw Cruise & Walter Peak Evening Dining.

A quintessential Kiwi experience- a delicious gourmet BBQ Dinner and a farm demonstration in a stunning lakeside setting.

*Please note: The Agenda is current as of the 5th July 2019 but is subject to change.

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.

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