David Bottoms

2ec7f2bdymmuuSince 1983 David Bottoms has grown up immersed in the NHS Pathology services.

Initially involved in Haematology Management in London and Hertfordshire, he progressed to Pathology Services and Pathology Business Management in Co Durham.

Since the turn of the century he has been involved in regional work involving service integration (aka Carter/ STPs) and also a variety of Pathology projects concerning I M&T and technical innovation spanning the NE of England and N Cumbria.

Now self-employed he continues to work for the NHS in a variety of roles including ongoing work for the North of England Cancer Care Alliance, collaborative Pathology across West Yorkshire, the NHS Blood and Transplant services and the Leeds/ Leica Digital Imaging project amongst others liaising closely with NHS Digital/ CIOs / CCIOs / AHSNs/ NHS supplies as part of his role.

Since 2014 he has been involved in the promotion of Pathology Digital Imaging as part of a wider potential solution to address service risks/ resilience in the face of workload/ workforce imbalance within Cellular Pathology services and sincerely hopes that he will help catalyse the progression of Digital Imaging not just in his own patch but elsewhere across the UK.

Title:  Pathology Digital Imaging in the UK – “Are we nearly there yet?”


Details are provided of a substantial UK regional Proof of Concept study undertaken across NE England in 2015.

It describes the scope, objectives and findings of the study from both a Project Management perspective and includes a breakdown of some the clinical findings collated by one of the key Pathologists involved in the study.

A summary of other work across the UK will be included and key elements of the Business Case for Digital Imaging.

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.

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