David Meade

David Meade is a first-class honours graduate from Ulster Business School, and his work as a lecturer and researcher in International Business and Strategy with the University of Ulster, has built his reputation as one of Europe’s most sought after motivational and organisational speakers, trainers, and facilitators.

Over 85% percent of David’s diary is spent working at the executive level, motivating and inspiring some of the largest and most diverse organisations. He’s worked with organisations such as: Apple, PwC, BT, Saba, Harvard in Boston, NHS, the Cabinet Office in Westminster, Bombardier, and the Bank of America. David works with clients to help them improve business operations and performance, by working with all levels within an organisation.

Having caught the bug for mind-reading and mentalism as a teenager, David has been honing his act for nearly 20 years. He is the only mentalist on the planet to have cracked the casinos in Las Vegas in order to win one million dollars, of which he gave back. Today he combines his childhood interests with his academic ones, to create the remarkable set of skills that he is famous for today. Drawing inspiration from many sources, as well as his day to day observations, David’s act is always developing and changing. His performances not only amaze and entertain audiences, but they leave fascinated by what he can do. In some performances, he will interpret body language to reveal pin numbers and bank account details, he will detect lies, and influence the apparently free decisions of those in the audience. All of this has been done in the best possible taste, and he has been a huge hit wherever he’s delivered it.

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Title: “Mind Your Business”

In this interactive and energetic session David challenges delegates to think differently and offers them a practical transferable toolkit. 

Participants will dramatically improve decision making, drive ownership and accountability and develop leadership and motivation skills.

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.

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