Dr. Darragh McArt

Dr. Mc Art is the Director and Founder of Sonrai Analytics and a Lecturer in Translational Bioinformatics at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB).

With a background in software design and embedding in a thriving and active molecular pathology unit Dr. McArt has sculpted a career path that has culminated in a principal investigator position at QUB. He has been in this position for several years exploring bioinformatic solutions in a range of cancer types. His interests are in integrative data, artificial intelligence solutions and a cancer specific focus in brain tumour research. Dr. McArt currently leads a team of over ten people working in a range of bioinformatic areas from natural language processing to phylogenetics and evolution. This has recently culminated in the creation of QUB spin out company Sonrai Analytics, which offers an integrative software solution for modern day ‘big data’.

Title: Data integration driving analytics for modern day healthcare


Our understanding of the molecular markers required in modern clinical care have increased dramatically in recent years. In turn, it has meant we have had to scale up efforts in how we warehouse this information and also how we factor this into modern day research. Certainly, the equipment we now use to screen patients have increased in size and complexity driven by a thriving market and reduction in costs. We find ourselves now at a current bottleneck and pain point as to we assimilate this information into appropriate analytics to drive the next wave of healthcare reform. Integrated analytics and artificial intelligence are now driving factors as to how we achieve this. Here, the methods and applications that we use to progress this will be the topic of this talk.

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.

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