Prof. Eric Glassy

Glassy-Eric-192-252Eric F. Glassy, M.D. is Board certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology with a specific interest in Hematopathology, Information Technology and Digital Pathology.  He has served as Laboratory Director for several Southern California hospitals.

Dr. Glassy is active in the College of American Pathologists where he has served in leadership positions on many Committees and Councils. He has edited and illustrated the CAP Color Atlas of Hematology, Color Atlas of Body Fluids and the Color Atlas of Urinary Sediment.

He is the developer of a variety of software programs for pathology. He holds a green belt in Six-Sigma. He is president elect of the Digital Pathology Association and chairs the CAP Digital Pathology Committee. He was recently appointed a trustee of the American Board of Pathology and is a board of governor of the College of American Pathologists.

Dr. Glassy received his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco, California. He did his pathology residency and hematopathology fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Title: Riffs on Future Path: the fall of paper, the rise of smarties and the quest for selfies


#pathologists — forget driverless cars; let’s talk about driverless microscopes…and wearable laboratories. The future may well be in our jeans. Explore the trends that conspire to help us put the “more” back in morphology. Learn how interfaces, connectivity, consumers, web-of-things, integration, augmented reality, mobile access, and globalization are changing our profession and re-shaping our pathology lives. The future is now and entropy isn’t what it used to be. Join us as we create a paracosm and search for the One App to rule them all.


  • Embrace the future of e-pathology learning and interactive texts
  • Understand the seismic shifts in the pathology workflow paradigm
  • Create a listicle of the digital trends that are shaping our practice
  • Use your smartphone and tablet to enhance your practice and advance the specialty

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.

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