Prof. Malcolm Pradhan

Prof Malcolm Pradhan

Malcolm Pradhan is a medical graduate from the University of Adelaide specialising in Health Informatics. He holds a PhD in Medical Informatics from Stanford University, California, and is a founding fellow of the Australian College of Health Informatics.

Malcolm is Chief Medical Officer at Alcidion, a leading e-Health company based in Adelaide and an Adjunct Professor the University of South Australia. Previously he was Associate Dean of IT and Director of Health Informatics at the University of Adelaide, and a Clinical Lead at Nehta.

At Alcidion Malcolm has worked on structured electronic medical records, pathology results management, clinical decision support systems that are tightly integrated into clinical workflows, data analytics, terminology systems, and patient safety.

Title:Role of Pathology in Analytics, Decision Support & Precision Medicine

Pathology testing plays an important role in the management of complex patients. Pathology laboratories continue to improve the speed and accuracy of result reporting, however the clinical management of pathology remains challenging: there is well documented variation in ordering practices, slow take-up of order sets, and up to 40% of pathology tests are not reviewed by clinical staff. The inefficient clinical utilization of pathology is a significant cost, both directly and through increased patient length of stay in hospital.

One of the established ways to improve health care delivery is integrated clinical decision support (CDS). I will discuss how the effective implementation of CDS for pathology results can improve clinical productivity and patient safety. Looking further ahead the challenge for health care is to develop models of care that better tailor decisions to the needs of individual patients, and technology is required to achieve this goal. I will give a high level overview of recent advances in technology, such as big data analytics and deep learning, that will be vital in creating a sustainable health care system.

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.