Shiralee LUBKE

Shiralee Lubke has been the Operations Manager of Northern Pathology Victoria since 2017. Starting her career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, Shiralee has been actively involved in the pathology industry for over 20 years, initially as multi-skilled scientist before finding a passion for Biochemistry and Quality Assurance. After working in Brisbane for most of her career, she headed to Far North Queensland to manage the Cairns and Northern Territory operations for Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology.

Shiralee is a passionate, hands-on leader with a commitment to providing high quality patient care. She has an intuitive understanding of the pathology industry and working closely with her supportive Executives has brought the Pathology services for Northern Health back in-house as a Public Pathology laboratory.

TITLE: “Against the Trend – moving from Private to Public”


In a time where pathology services are being privatised, Northern Health has gone against the trend.  In 2017 the decision was made to bring the pathology services back in-house. In her presentation, Shiralee will discuss Northern Health’s journey so far.

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.

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