Talks from Pathology Horizons 2015

The presentations for the 2015 event are available below.

The password for slides  is Cirdan.

Theme: Advances in Diagnostics: 

Speaker: Dr Anthony Gill |Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW
Title: Lessons learnt for pathologists from the International Cancer Genome Consortium
Slides: Slides of presentation by Anthony Gill
Video: Video of presentation by Anthony Gill

Speaker : Prof. Manuel Salto-Tellez | Queens University Belfast
Title: Personalised Medicine and the Future of Tissue Pathology
Slides:  Slides of presentation by Manuel Salto-Tellez
Video: Video of presentation by Manuel Salto-Tellez

Theme: Data Analytics for Pathology

Speaker: Ronan Herlihy | Clinical Excellence Commission and eHealth NSW
Title: Engaging Clinicians with Data on their ordering practices
Slides:  Slides for presentation by Ronan Herlihy
Video:  Video of presentation by Ronan Herlihy

Speaker: Dr Damian Fogarty | Consultant Nephrologist, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust
Title: Pathology in the era of Connected Health: linking patients outcomes and data
Slides:  Slides for presentation by Damian Fogarty
Video:  Video of presentation by Damian Fogarty

Speaker: Dr. Malcolm Pradhan | Alcidion Corporation
Title: Integrating Pathology with Clincial Decision support & future impacts of deep learning development
Slides:  Slides of presentation by Malcolm Pradhan
Video:  Video of presentation by Macolm Pradhan

 Theme: Pathology Imaging

Speaker: Dr David Snead | Head of the UHCW NHS Trust Digital Pathology Centre of Excellence
Title:The use of digital pathology in the primary diagnosis of histopathology samples
Slides:  Slides for presentation by David Snead
Video:  Video of presentation by David Snead

Speaker: Prof. Peter Hamilton | PathXL & Queens University Belfast
Title: Next generation Imaging and Computer Vision in Pathology: pipedream or reality?
Slides:  Slides of presentation by Peter Hamilton
Video:  Video of presentation by Peter Hamilton

Theme: Pathology Informatics

Speaker: Colin Truesdale, Evolve of Kainos
Title: Bringing everyone together for efficient, better care
Slides:   Slides of presentation by Colin Truesdale
Video:  Video of presentation by Colin Truesdale

Speaker: Peter O’Halloran |The National Blood Authority of Australia
Title: Interfacing, automation and the internet of things – the digital disruption of transfusion laboratories is happening now
Slides   Slides of presentation by Peter O’Halloran
Video: Video of presentation by Peter O’Halloran

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.

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