Prof Malcolm Pradhan

Prof. Pradhan on Pathology role in Decision Support and Precision Medicine

Prof Malcolm Pradhan
Professor Malcolm Pradhan | Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion Corp.

A great way to prepare yourself for what lies ahead in pathology, is Pathology Horizons, a unique conference on developments driving that future.

In this inaugural year of 2015, Pathology Horizons is on 5-7 November and the venue is the stunning Fraser Island, Queensland.

Joining us to speak on pathology’s role in analytics, decision support and precision medicine, is Prof. Malcolm Pradhan, a founding  fellow of the Australian College of Health Informatics.

In the context of pathology’s important role in the management of complex patients, Malcolm will discuss the continuing challenge of the clinical management of pathology. He will highlight the  impacts of inefficient clinical utilization of pathology such as  significant cost, both directly and through increased patient length of stay in hospital.

He will give his views on how clinical productivity and patient safety can be improved through  the effective implementation of integrated clinical decision support (CDS) for pathology results.

Looking further ahead, Malcolm will outline the challenge for health care to develop models that better tailor decisions to the needs of individual patients, and the technology required to achieve this goal. Additionally, through a high level overview of recent advances in technology, such as big data analytics and deep learning, he will propose areas that he believes will be vital in creating a sustainable health care system.

Malcolm is a medical graduate from the University of Adelaide specialising in Health Informatics. With a PhD in Medical Informatics from Stanford University, California, he is also a founding fellow of the Australian College of Health Informatics.

Currently Chief Medical Officer at Alcidion, a leading e-Health company based in Adelaide, Malcolm is also  Adjunct Professor the University of South Australia. At Alcidion, Malcolm has worked on structured electronic medical records, pathology results management, clinical decision support.

You can join us at Pathology Horizons and prepare yourself for the future of pathology.


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