Ronan Herlihy

Ronan Herlihy of eHealth NSW on Analytics for Healthcare

Ronan Herlihy
Mr. Ronan Herlihy Clinical Excellence Commission & eHealth NSW

Joining us to speak at the Pathology Horizons inaugural conference is Ronan Herlihy of the Clinical Excellence Commission and eHealth NSW. Ronan will give a presentation on approaches for data analytics informing clinicians ordering practices.

Ronan’s experience on setting the foundation for Clinical Analytics and Big Data in healthcare fits extremely well with Pathology Horizons as the conference focus is on what may lie ahead in pathology. The date is 5-7 November and the venue is Fraser Island, Queensland.

Ronan’s  talk entitled “Engaging Clinicians with data on their ordering practices” will outline an initial pilot project which has been embraced by a number of local health districts in NSW. Via data extracted from Electronic Medical Records, dashboards can be created to inform and engage clinicians in ordering practices. This presentation looks at the techniques used to create answers for the clinicians questions and discusses the purpose behind the dashboards. It looks at the change management approaches and challenges.

Ronan’s career has been in healthcare at a number of levels including management and eHealth implementation positions.
At an early stage, he recognised the need for information to make the right decisions and this started his journey into health IT. In more recent times he has embraced the concept of delivering value and benefits and had the opportunity to work on several projects from a benefits / value realisation perspective.

For Ronan this is a very exciting and rewarding stage of the information journey, knowing that Analytics will make a significant contribution to improving healthcare.

Join us at Pathology Horizons 5-7 November to hear Ronan and other forward looking speakers give their views on future directions of pathology.

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