Damian Fogarty on the future of pathology

In this short video interview at Pathology Horizons in 2015, Dr. Damian Fogarty discusses his area of interest in pathology, the main challenges in kidney medicine and linking data through advanced digitisation. Damian is a Consultant Kidney Physician in the Regional Nephrology and Transplant Unit, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.

Damian was a guest speaker at Pathology Horizons 2015 and his talk was onPathology in the era of Connected Health: linking patients outcomes and data”.
Slides:  Slides for presentation by Damian Fogarty
Video:  Video of presentation by Damian Fogarty

For more excellent presentations, insight and discussion on the future of pathology, join us at Pathology Horizons 2016, 15-17 September in Galway, Ireland.


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