Prof Anthony Gill to speak “Morphologomics” at Pathology Horizons 2017

We are delgill_photograph192-252ighted to announce that Prof Anthony Gill will be part of our speaker panel for the Pathology Horizons Conference in Cairns, Australia from 10th – 12th August.

He is one of many experts who will discuss the future of pathology at this  annual event.

Prof Gill’s talk titled,

“Morphologomics – Challenges for Surgical Pathology in the Genomic Age”

discusses how basic morphological approaches in the diagnostic surgical pathology laboratory have not changed in more than 100 years while other pathology disciplines, from haematology to genomics, have undergone tremendous automation practices. Prof. Gill will introduce and discuss the concept of ‘Morphologomics’, that is omics approaches critically reimagined and reappraised from the viewpoint of classic morphology.

Prof. Gill’s research mainly focuses on translating advances in knowledge gained at the basic science level into clinically useful diagnostic tests including classic morphology.

Prof. Gill is a Senior Staff Specialist in Anatomical Pathology at Royal North Shore in Sydney.

See Anthony Gill’s bio and read an abstract of his talk.

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