Hear from Dr. Templo on social media in pathology and laboratory medicine education

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Felipe Templo Jr. from the Phillipine Heart  Center, Philippines will be joining Pathology Horizons 2017 in Cairns this August.

Dr. Templo will be delivering a presentation on “The Practical Utility of Social Media Platforms in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Education”.

Social media has changed the way we communicate and  how we obtain information over the past number decades. Its influence is increasingly recognised by academic institutions and its practical utility in medical education and training is gaining more impact because it is innovative, accessible and interactive.

According to Dr. Templo, the different platforms are becoming more relevant as sources of supplementary learning materials for pathology trainees and as opportunities for continuing medical education among practicing pathologists. As this trend continues, social media is viewed as paving the way for wider acceptance of digital pathology and discussions in establishing standards and good clinical practice for online images.

During his presentation Dr. Templo will explore how engagement with social media can significantly support pathology and laboratory medicine education, training and even clinical practices.

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