Laboratory Medicine: The Times They Are A Changin’ – Hear more from Dr. Regan at Pathology Horizons

We are looking forward to welcoming  Dr. Irene Regan, Vice President of the Academy of Clinical Scientists and Laboratory Medicine (ACSLM) in Ireland to Pathology Horizons this September.

Dr. Regan will be giving a presentation, entitled “Laboratory Medicine:  The Times They Are a Changin”, which will focus on the key challenges and opportunities of laboratory medicine and address pertinent issues of the day. The 3 I’s concept will be examined; investing in individuals, investing in ideas and investing in infrastructure in order to deliver a modern and up to date laboratory medicine ecosystem of excellence.

A vision for the future will be presented in relation to re-structuring of laboratory based disciplines taking into account the key challenges that face us today and in the future including; laboratory infrastructure, technology trends, global harmonisation of IVDs, health informatics, e-health, connected health, precision medicine, lab in the home and international competition in healthcare. This vision will be presented keeping in mind the need to ensure high quality and reliability of services.

About Pathology Horizons

Pathology Horizons is taking place from 13-15 September 2018 at the Lough Erne Resort in N.Ireland. It is a unique CPD conference, organised by Cirdan that looks at what lies ahead in pathology. Delegates will learn about new technologies, lines of research and procedural developments that are driving the future of pathology. View Agenda

Please note that this conference is open to anyone interested in the area of pathology, however spaces are limited so booking as early as possible  is advisable. Register here

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