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Pathology Horizons: Watch And Learn

It is at a time like this when we really appreciate the work and developments that are taking place within the world of pathology and laboratory medicine. We realise just how much we depend on the pathologists and laboratory professionals for scientific answers and medical findings that are integral to many clinical decisions within healthcare organisations.

Recently, we have been looking back at speaker videos from Pathology Horizons conferences through the years and it’s amazing to see how many of these ideas are now a reality within laboratory operations. We are privileged to have had leading industry experts from across the world attend and speak at Pathology Horizons. The speakers have provided us with insightful knowledge on groundbreaking topics relating to new and emerging techniques, procedures and technologies that are driving the future of pathology.

We would like share some of these videos with you, beginning with a presentation on Computational Pathology by Dr. Liron Pantanowitz from University of Pittsburgh, USA which took place at Pathology Horizons 2017 in the beautiful Cairns, Australia. Dr. Pantanowitz is a well known Professor in the field of Pathology and Bioinformatics and is the Director of the Pathology Informatics Division at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).

The presentation covers the pros and cons of computer aided diagnosis within Pathology and emphasises what is required to develop these much awaited applications. Can AI truly become a reality within Pathology? Can these deep learning tools perform the complex tasks of pathologists, and in some instances with superior accuracy?

View full presentation:

Dr. Liron Pantanowitz – Computer Aided Diagnosis in Pathology: Pros & Cons