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PathLAKE and the emerging role of artificial intelligence in digital pathology

Last year, we hosted a special webinar edition of Pathology Horizons. This September, we are looking forward to being able to hold our 2021 conference in the Slieve Donard Resort & Spa, Newcastle, N. Ireland.  

To give you an idea of the speaker quality and the type of content to expect at Pathology Horizons 2021, we are taking a look back at Dr. David Snead’s presentation from Pathology Horizons 2020, entitled ’PathLAKE and the emerging role of artificial intelligence in digital pathology’.

Dr. Snead has been a full-time consultant at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) since 1997. He has led the project to adopt digital pathology there for the last decade. He now heads the UHCW NHS trust digital pathology centre of excellence. He collaborates closely with colleagues of the Computer Science School University of Warwick and in his talk, he will discuss his current work evaluating algorithms aimed at improving the pathologist’s lot through the automation of mundane time-consuming quantitative tasks.

View talk below.

Dr David Snead ‘PATHLAKE and the role of artificial intelligence in digital pathology’.

About Pathology Horizons

Pathology Horizons is an international CPD accredited conference that focuses on the future of pathology. It brings together a range of expert speakers to discuss new technologies, lines of research and procedural developments that are driving the future of pathology.

Unlike other larger conferences there is just one conference stream and attendees have the opportunity to learn and network with speakers and other delegates in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

Pathology Horizons is a popular event and places are limited. Registration has not opened yet, but if you are hoping to attend please pre-register. All those who have pre-registered will be notified as soon as early bird registration opens.

Pathology Horizons Webinar: Registration Now Open!

Registration is now open for our special Pathology Horizons webinar edition. 

As you are aware the usual two day Pathology Horizons conference hosted by Cirdan has been postponed until 2021, but so as you don’t completely miss out we are organising a virtual treat for you this September.

We are excited to formally announce that we will be hosting a special Pathology Horizons webinar edition on Wednesday, 16th September 2020 at 15:00 (BST). This two-hour webinar will be in keeping with our usual Pathology Horizons theme i.e. the future of pathology but will focus particularly on the impact of COVID-19 for pathology and laboratory medicine.

We have brought together a range of expert international panellists from different backgrounds who will discuss:

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them?
  • What impact it will have on the future of pathology and laboratory medicine?
  • How the industry can best prepare for what lies ahead.

There will be an opportunity to put questions to the panel and some time for discussion.

Some of these well-known industry experts are due to speak at the Pathology Horizons 2021 conference in Newcastle, N. Ireland next year (9th-11th September 2021). So, the webinar will provide a sneak peek into the speaker calibre that you can expect to hear next year.

For more information on the backgrounds of our webinar panellists above visit the Pathology Horizons website here.

We look forward to welcoming you to what we hope will be an excellent virtual learning experience. 

Stay safe,
Team Cirdan

PS – There will not be a registration fee to join the webinar.

Pathology Horizons 2020: The Big Reveal!

“Where the Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea…….”

We are excited to announce that Pathology Horizons 2020 will take place at the beautiful Slieve Donard Resort & Spa located in Newcastle, County Down in Northern Ireland. 2020 will be a special year for Cirdan as it will see the organisation celebrate its 10 year anniversary. It was with this celebration in mind that we decided to host our sixth Pathology Horizons conference in Northern Ireland, not far from where the company started back in 2010. 

Nestling at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, this Victorian hotel stands in six acres of immaculate private grounds. A golden strand of beach borders one side while the mighty Royal County Down Golf Links frames the other. It is located just 30 miles south of Belfast and 90 miles north of Dublin, making it very accessible from both airports on the island of Ireland.

Why attend?

This unique conference brings together a panel of expert international speakers to discuss the future of pathology. It provides the opportunity to learn about new technologies, procedural developments and lines of research that are driving the future of pathology and laboratory medicine. Learning is done in a relaxed and fun environment, where all attendees are able to network freely with each other. This combined with the boutique nature of the event make it a conference like no other.

Who should attend?

Pathology Horizons is open to anyone interested in the area of pathology and laboratory medicine e.g. Pathologists, Laboratory Professionals, Laboratory Technicians,  Biomedical Scientists and Pathology IT staff.

Early Bird Registration

Early Bird registration has not yet been opened, but it is possible to pre-register at this stage. **Please note: Due to the boutique nature of the conference places are limited, so if you would like to attend please remember to book early to avoid disappointment.**


If you would like to be notified of when early bird registration opens, click the button below.

Hear from Prof. Armes on the future of genome sequencing

Prof. Jane Armes, NSW Health Pathology, Australia spoke on “Genome Sequencing as a Diagnostic Aid” at the recent Pathology Horizons 2018 conference in N.Ireland.

In the short interview below filmed  after her presentation, Prof. Armes talks a little bit about her background, where she believes the future of genome sequencing lies, the challenges ahead and gives her thoughts on the Pathology Horizons conference.

About Pathology Horizons

Pathology Horizons is an annual CPD conference, which draws an international audience and is focused on the future of pathology. Delegates learn about new technologies, lines of research and procedural developments that are driving the future of pathology.

Unlike other larger pathology conferences, Pathology Horizons has just one conference stream allowing attendees to network more easily with both speakers and delegates.

Pathology Horizons 2019

The 2019 conference takes place in The Heritage, Queenstown, New Zealand from 8-10 August. Due to the boutique nature of this conference, places are limited. To keep informed of the agenda and when early bird registration opens, pre-register here.


Pathology Horizons – It’s almost time!

With just over two months to go until the next Pathology Horizons conference excitement is starting to build. Here’s some insight into why there is such a buzz around this event.

What’s it all about?

Pathology Horizons is an annual CPD conference organised by Cirdan, which focuses on what lies ahead in pathology. Delegates attending this unique event, now in its fourth year will learn about new technologies, lines of research and procedural developments that are driving the future of pathology.

Unlike other larger pathology events, Pathology Horizons is a boutique conference with only one conference stream, allowing delegates and speakers to interact easily with each other, providing an excellent networking and learning environment.

International Experts and Groundbreaking Topics

A first class panel of speakers from across the globe, including some of the best minds in the areas of pathology, laboratory medicine and personal and organisational development have been lined up to deliver presentations. Some talks to look forward to include:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Digital Pathology
  • Application of Liquid Biopsy to the Detection and Treatment of Ovarian Cancer
  • Genome Sequencing as a Diagnostic Aid
  • Emerging Neuropathology Diagnostics: Genetic Scaffolds, Phenotypes and Advanced Imaging
  • Advancing Diagnostic Pathology: Impact of Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence Tools
  • Extreme Makeover: Creating Pathology Reports that Make a Difference

View full agenda

Who’s attending?

The conference is open to anyone interested in the area of pathology and laboratory medicine, for example Pathologists, Biomedical Scientists and other Laboratory Professionals. Confirmed delegates this year are coming from as far afield as New Zealand and work in a mix of clinical, academic and industry settings.

What’s in it for me?

As well as the obvious learning and networking opportunities delegates can earn CPD credits for attending. The conference has been CPD certified and is approved by the Royal College of Pathologists for nine CPD credits. The added bonus is that you can get all of this professional development in a relaxed and fun environment within a five star luxury resort.

Where is Pathology Horizons being held?

The conference is being held in the Lough Erne Resort, one of Northern Ireland’s finest hotels, just outside Enniskillen in Co. Fermanagh.

What can I expect?

Here’s a quick overview of last year’s conference in Cairns, Australia. Please note having a world-class golf course onsite is not a mandatory requirement when selecting a Pathology Horizons venue 🙂

Hear from some past delegates and speakers

How can I join the conference?

For details on how to register go to www.pathologyhorizons.com/register There is always a lot of interest in this unique event and demand has been greater than ever before this year. If you are interested in attending please book soon as there are a limited amount of places remaining.

Dr. Bankhead to speak on how novel open source software platform is revolutionizing digital pathology image analysis

We are delighted to welcome Research Scientist,  Dr. Peter Bankhead to our expert panel of speakers for Pathology Horizons 2018.

Innovation increasingly relies on open tools, standards and software, empowering researchers to test new ideas and make new discoveries.  Reproducibility and standardization in science also crucially depend upon analysis methods being made freely available.

Until recently, digital pathology suffered from the lack of a software platform that would make these things possible.  Faced with a choice between attempting to analyze whole slide images using commercial systems (often prohibitively expensive) or by applying generic open source software (often prohibitively complex), much biomarker analysis in practice continued to be based on visual estimation by pathologists, which is laborious and known to have limited reproducibility.

QuPath was developed to address these issues, and represents the first widely-used, powerful, flexible, extensible and user-friendly open source platform for whole slide image analysis.  Since its release at the end of 2016, QuPath has been downloaded more than 10 000 times and is used worldwide by research groups in both academia and industry.

A central goal of QuPath is to provide the tools for pathologists and image analysts to better work together, advancing the field more rapidly.

During  his presentation at Pathology Horizons, Dr. Bankhead will outline some of the reasons behind QuPath’s success so far, and describe features currently in development that are set to greatly expand its scope and reach for digital pathology and bioimage analysis applications in the near future.

Why attend Pathology Horizons?

The conference is set to be another interesting and extremely informative event with a range of top international speakers demonstrating the power of new technologies, updates on procedural developments and valuable new lines of research – all in a relaxed and open atmosphere! Unlike other larger pathology events, Pathology Horizons is a boutique conference with one conference stream, which allows you to interact and network fully with the delegates and speakers. The conference is also CPD certified and has been awarded with 9 CPD credits by The Royal College of Pathologists.

Some other topics from speakers include: 

  • Artificial intelligence and what it means for healthcare and patholgy
  • Liquid biopsy and what it can do for detecting/treating ovarian cancer
  • Virtual and augmented reality in digital pathology
  • Genome sequencing as a diagnostic aid

View  full Agenda.

Don’t miss out, secure your place today!

Pathology Horizons 2018                                                                                    Lough Erne Resort, N. Ireland                                                                                        13-15th September

Dr. Kaplan talks Artificial Intelliegnce: What it Means for Healthcare and Pathology

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) show great promise in several fields of medicine.  The field of deep learning is enabling the development of expert-level automated algorithms.

There are two aspects to consider when looking at the value in  using AI. First is the practical aspect. Use of AI can speed up the diagnostic process, ensuring diagnostic assessments are more reproducible. This helps physician productivity by automating some of the decision-making process.

The deeper aspect of AI’s impact is in its ability to analyze the data found. AI algorithms will begin to find patterns a human wouldn’t necessarily see, extending the capability of what physicians can do today. These advances could address the impact treatment of the disease has on outcomes.

AI is simply a tool – not a replacement for a pathologist. Deep learning can be applied to numerous diagnostic tasks and defines a new era in digital pathology.

Dr. Keith Kaplan, Chicago native and Publisher of leading industry blog tissuepathology.com will be discussing artificial intelligence, what it means for healthcare and pathology at the Pathology Horizons Conference this September in N.Ireland.

During his session  Dr. Kaplan will focus on advancements in AI in surgical pathology and what the use of this technology means for the future practice of pathology.

Objectives for this session:

  • Understand basic definitions in AI and deep learning.
  • Review applications and use cases to date within medicine and pathology
  • Discuss implications of AI for the practice of pathology
  • Highlight potential opportunities and weaknesses for AI within pathology

View Conference Agenda

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UCLA’s Dr. Wallace to speak on radiology and pathology integration at Pathology Horizons 2018

We are delighted to have Dr. Dean. W. Wallace, Professor of Pathology at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine in Los Angeles speak at Pathology Horizons 2018.

His talk at the conference ‘Opportunities Outweigh the Challenges of Radiology and Pathology Integration’ is an emerging area of discussion, and if implemented could help improve the overall quality of patient care. An abstract of Dr. Wallace’s talk will be released in the coming weeks and you will have the opportunity to hear his full presentation in September at the Lough Erne Resort in Northern Ireland.

More information on Dr. Wallace

Dr. Wallace is the chief of pulmonary and renal pathology services and is recognised as an expert in the fields of transplant pathology and lung cancer diagnostics. He is also the Director of the UCLA Telepathology and Digital Pathology Centre and co-led the team that created the innovative, first of its kind, Integrated Diagnostic Report (IDR) that combines multiple radiology and pathology studies into one dynamic reporting platform. Dr. Wallace has authored several dozen peer-reviewed papers and book chapters and was lead editor of a textbook in the field of transplant pathology.

About Pathology Horizons

 Pathology Horizons is an annual and open CPD conference organised by Cirdan to discuss what developments lie ahead in Pathology and what we can do to prepare or take advantage of these. Delegates will learn about new technologies, procedural developments and lines of research that are driving the future of pathology.

View conference agenda.

Places are limited, so please register early to avoid disappointment. Register for early bird now!


Dr. Kaplan to speak on Artificial Intelligence at Pathology Horizons 2018

Cirdan is pleased to announce that Dr. Keith Kaplan, publisher of the industry’s leading pathology blog, tissuepathology.com will be joining the Pathology Horizons 2018 speaker panel. Dr. Kaplan’s presentation will be on: “Artificial Intelligence: What it means for Healthcare and Pathology.”


About Dr. Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan is a native of Chicago and a graduate of Michigan State University and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. He completed residency training in anatomic and clinical pathology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC. While at Walter Reed, Dr. Kaplan was named Resident of the Year, and in conjunction with the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Dr. Kaplan founded and directed the Army Telepathology Program. This Program connected 25 hospitals internationally for consultation via telepathology. Dr. Kaplan was also with Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota as an Associate Professor of Pathology of Mayo Medical School. Read more on Dr. Kaplan

About Pathology Horizons

Pathology Horizons is an annual CPD conference focused on the future of pathology. Delegates will learn about new technologies, procedures and lines of research that are driving the future of pathology. This year the conference is being held in the five star Lough Erne Resort, Co. Fermanagh in N.Ireland from 13-15 September 2018.

View conference speakers and find out more  on how to register.

Early Bird Tickets now available.

Dr. Kaplan talks Digital Pathology: The Past, Present and Future

We were delighted to have Publisher of leading industry blog, tissuepathology.com, Dr. Keith Kaplan share his knowledge on the past fifteen years of digital pathology with us at Pathology Horizons 2017. During his talk in Cairns he discussed what’s worked, what hasn’t and what is coming down the line in digital pathology.

See Dr. Kaplan’s presentation below.

The Pathology Horizons 2018 Conference will be held in the Lough Erne Resort in Co. Fermanagh in N.Ireland from 13-15 September 2018. For more information on the conference and registration go to www.pathologyhorizons.com