Application of liquid biopsy to the detection and treatment of ovarian cancer

Dr. Niamh Buckley of Queen’s University Belfast delivered an insightful presentation into the ongoing research conducted by the Professor and her team at QUB. The presentation which took place at the Pathology Horizons conference on Friday 14th September in N. Ireland, highlights how liquid biopsies are an emerging tool to allow the study of biomarkers in bodily fluids, including blood, urine and saliva. This limitless resource allows key biological information to be obtained about the specific disease in a minimally invasive manner.  In the context of cancer, liquid biopsies can be used to screen and/or diagnose patients with cancer as well as to stratify patients based on prognosis or predicted drug response.  Together this allows for a personalised medicine approach to be used to tailor management and/or treatment options based on specific knowledge of the underlying biology of the disease.

The presentation briefly touches on what liquid biopsies are, an introduction to ovarian cancer, as well as the strategy they have employed at Queen’s University to address and try to identify some novel liquid biopsy options. It concludes with where they are in trying to make this research a reality.

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