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We welcome Dr. Miguel N. Burnier Jr. to the Pathology Horizons Speaker Panel

Dr. Miguel N. Burnier Jr.We are pleased to announce our Canadian addition to the Pathology Horizons 2017 Speaker Panel.

Dr. Burnier’s field of study is Ophthalmology.  Dr. Burnier was the Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology, McGill University, from 1993 to 2008 along with being a full Professor of Ophthalmology, Pathology, Medicine and Oncology at McGill.

Dr. Burnier is presenting :

“The Use of Digital Pathology in Ocular Pathology: Advantages of automated analysis”.  

Ocular pathology is a distinct sub specialty of anatomical pathology and in many instances ocular pathologists receive consultations from outside their hospital. Digital pathology plays a crucial role in this process. Particularly in Ocular Pathology, the difference between the analysis of selected images compared to the whole slide image is crucial.

See Miguel Burnier’s bio and read an abstract of his talk.

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Dr Maurice Loughrey to speak at Pathology Horizons 2017

portrait-2016_mlWe are pleased to announce that Dr Maurice Loughrey will be presenting at Pathology Horizons in Cairns this August.  He will be one of two Northern Irish speakers joining our  panel!

Dr Loughrey’s talk is entitled:

“Whole slide imaging analysis software in the research setting: a breakthrough in tissue-based biomarker analysis”

Dr Loughrey states that Whole slide imaging offers an array of advantages over conventional glass slide imaging, spanning clinical diagnostics to research applications. These advantages apply to tissue based research which hold few regulatory obstacles.

The focus of this presentation is the application to high throughput biomarker expression research, of novel, open source digital image analysis software, QuPath (

QuPath provides a powerful and flexible tool for robust, precise and reproducible immunoscoring.

See Maurice Loughrey’s bio and read an abstract of his talk.

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Dr. Michael Legg joins Pathology Horizons 2017!  Hear his take on Combining Radiology and Pathology…

michael-leggbWe are pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Legg will be joining our speaker panel at the Pathology Horizons Conference from 10-12th August in Cairns, Australia.

As a Consultant Health Informatician, Dr. Legg is an expert on organisational systems and informatics. With this wide knowledge base, he is focusing his talk on

“Why advances In Biology and Informatics should bring Pathology and Radiology together into a combined diagnostics discipline”.

He is interested in the extent of diagnostic error and how poor diagnosis can be harmful to patient satisfaction.  He believes combining radiology and pathology is an integral part to improve this, in addition, being good for politics and business reasons. He believes this merger between the two disciplines is inevitable but needs to be better managed.

See Dr. Michael Legg’s bio and read an abstract of his talk.

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Prof Anthony Gill to speak “Morphologomics” at Pathology Horizons 2017

We are delgill_photograph192-252ighted to announce that Prof Anthony Gill will be part of our speaker panel for the Pathology Horizons Conference in Cairns, Australia from 10th – 12th August.

He is one of many experts who will discuss the future of pathology at this  annual event.

Prof Gill’s talk titled,

“Morphologomics – Challenges for Surgical Pathology in the Genomic Age”

discusses how basic morphological approaches in the diagnostic surgical pathology laboratory have not changed in more than 100 years while other pathology disciplines, from haematology to genomics, have undergone tremendous automation practices. Prof. Gill will introduce and discuss the concept of ‘Morphologomics’, that is omics approaches critically reimagined and reappraised from the viewpoint of classic morphology.

Prof. Gill’s research mainly focuses on translating advances in knowledge gained at the basic science level into clinically useful diagnostic tests including classic morphology.

Prof. Gill is a Senior Staff Specialist in Anatomical Pathology at Royal North Shore in Sydney.

See Anthony Gill’s bio and read an abstract of his talk.

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Pathology Horizons 2017 Bursary Applications Now Open

Pathology Horizons is an open conference, which is free to attend, delegates are only required to pay for their accommodation.

A limited number of small bursaries are available to individuals in the early stages of their career who would benefit from participation at the conference but do not have support available to attend. The bursary offered will cover hotel expenses at Pathology Horizons.

A bursary applicant is free to present a topic of interest. Typical bursary presentations last 10 minutes.

Who is eligible?

Pathologists, Post-graduate students (PhD, MD or MSc), Pathology Trainees or researchers.

 How do I apply?

Electronic Application

Below, is one of our past bursary students, Peter McLoughlin, who attended Pathology Horizons 2016 in Galway, Ireland presenting on “Integrative Genomics of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer”.

Dr. Liron Pantanowitz to speak at Pathology Horizons 2017

Ipantanowitz_cropt gives us great pleasure to announce that Dr. Liron Pantanowitz will be one of our keynote speakers at this year’s Pathology Horizons conference in Cairns, Australia from 10th – 12th  August.

Dr. Pantanowitz is a Professor of Pathology and of Biomedical Informatics at the University of Pittsburgh in the USA. He is the Director of the Pathology Informatics Division and Director of the Pathology Informatics Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC). He is also the Director of the Cytopathology Division at UPMC Shadyside. Dr. Pantanowitz is an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pathology Informatics. He is also a member of the board of directors for the Digital Pathology Association (DPA), executive board of the American Society of Cytopathology (ASC), serves as a council member for the Association for Pathology Informatics (API) and is a member of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Digital Pathology committee. He is widely published in the field of pathology informatics including digital imaging and its application to pathology.

Dr. Pantanowitz’s talk will centre on the topic of ‘Computer Aided Diagnosis in Pathology’.

Watch out for other exciting speaker announcements coming soon.

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Pathology Horizons 2017

We are delighted to announce the date and venue of the Pathology Horizons 2017 Conference. It will be held in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland,  Australia. Cairns is considered the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and renowned for its relaxed, tropical climate and laid back ambiance.

The Conference 

Pathology Horizons is an annual and open CPD conference organised by Cirdan to discuss what developments lie ahead in Pathology and what we can do to prepare or take advantage of these.

Why attend?

This unique event will give you the chance to learn about new technologies, procedural developments and lines of research that are driving the future of pathology. You will hear about the possible pros and cons of these developments, how people in supporting disciplines should be preparing for and perhaps directing these changes and their potential impact on the daily work of a pathologist. We are also looking for ideas on how other, previously unconnected disciplines might help meet future requirements.

Pathology Horizons provides an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas, interact with innovators from around the world, expand your knowledge and make some new contacts.

Here’s a quick overview on the Pathology Horizons 2016 Conference in Ireland, which will give you some insight into the benefits of attending this unique event.

Do you want to be a part of it?

Simply contact at Elaine at

*Please note that there are no conference fees thanks to  Cirdan sponsoring the event