Dr. Ashraf Mina

Ash4Dr. Mina has a Ph.D., Faculty of Medicine, Sydney University, Master of Science in applied Clinical Chemistry, University of Technology, Sydney, Postgraduate diploma in Microbiology, Postgraduate diploma in Biochemistry (Nutrition), and Bachelor of Science (Hon). He has more than thirty years’ experience in clinical laboratories, research and management in public and private sectors. Dr. Mina has published many articles in national and international peer reviewed journals and presented his work in national and international conferences. Dr. Mina is a reviewer in many international Journals. He chaired and still serving on prominent scientific organisations in Australia, such as Australian Institute of Medical Scientist (AIMS) and Australasian Collage of Medical Sciences and Research (ACMSR). Dr. Mina also served in different national and international work parties and committees.

Title: “Big Data Provides Opportunities, challenges and a Better Future in Health and Research”


Big data analysis promises huge opportunities, but raises huge issues. How do we ensure we are masters of the data revolution and avoid being enslaved by it?

Deriving useful information from Big Data requires the development of increasingly sophisticated methods of mathematical and statistical analysis and the design of efficient algorithms. The role of big data in medicine is one where we can build better health profiles and better predictive models around individual patients so that we can better diagnose and treat disease.

Major developments in pathology raise many questions. Be part of the discussion on the way forward.

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